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We'll help you avoid “the money pit”!

We work for you, not the seller. Our inspections are comprehensive and detailed, averaging 3 or more hours to complete depending on factors like size and age. If you're there, we'll stop and explain what we see in a non-scary way. You'll feel better as we help you to better understand the true condition of your future home. Not attending? We'll give you a follow-up call so we can review the report together.

Your inspection report will arrive via e-mail the next morning. They're typically 25-35 pages, with about 45 photos depending on what you need to see clearly and a summary listing any safety items you need to fix right away. A report like ours gives you the information you need to make a decision with confidence. See a sample of our in-depth reports

We’re easy to work with:

Our relationship with you:
We might know the property seller, or the seller’s agent, but we work for your benefit and nobody else's. We ask agents to refer us to their clients but they never receive any sort of referral fee.